Tree Of Life Chakra Necklace

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With a rainbow of semi-precious gemstones representing the seven chakras of the subtle body, this handmade, wire wrapped tree of life pendant is a beautiful piece of wearable art!

The Tree of Life is a concept that’s been featured in myth, story and legend literally all around the world. Since ancient times, people have used variations on the theme. Connecting all things – the realms of the spirit, the physical, the Divine and the mundane – the roots of the Tree and the branches touch all things and bring them together in harmony.

This tree features gemstones representing the colors of all 7 chakras with two branches of each color, forming a rainbow of hues. In Hindu, Tantric and Yogic tradition, these are the major energy centers of the subtle body in humans.


  • 18 Inch Copper Necklace
  • Handmade 1 7/8 Inch Copper Pendant
  • Comes in Soft Velvet Gift Bag
  • Authentic Semi Precious Stones

The semi-precious natural gems included:
Sahasrara / Crown Chakra – Amethyst (February birthstone)
Ajna / Third-Eye Chakra – Tanzanite (December birthstone)
Vishuddhi / Throat Chakra – Blue Topaz
Anahata / Heart Chakra – Peridot (August birthstone)
Manipura / Solar Plexus Chakra – Citrine (November birthstone)
Swadhisthana / Splenic Chakra – [Orange] Carnelian
Muladhara / Root Chakra – Garnet (January birthstone)

Rainbow Chakra Tree of Life Pendant with stunning micro-faceted rondelle gemstones wire wrapped to form a beautiful handmade necklace. American Made by Maker Miss M. Turner of Phoenix Fire Designs on etsy


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