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Flash is the name of a fictional superhero. This character appeared for the first time in comics during the 40s of the previous century. Flash is a normal guy called "Jay Garrick" who accidentally inhales the vapors of hard water whilst working on them in his lab as a high school student who is really into science.

This water contains a large amount if minerals and consequently, "Jay" starts to gain unusual super-human speed with everything he does. The inhalation of hard water vapors managed to speed up his reflexes and made him talk, think and move much faster than a normal human being.

When an attempt of assassination is aborted by him, "Jay" starts to consider using his super powers to fight crime. He creates a costume with a lightning bold covering his chest, which indicates his exclusive power of speed. In the 1960s, DC Comics created another successive version of Flash who was a police scientist who similarly gets affected by chemicals and gains his super powers.

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