Making Money With LumaLou

LumaLou is all about win-win scenarios, and if you have a lot of friends, you can make money with us.

Now don't get us wrong, we don't want you selling useless stuff to your favorite people. All we ask is that if you like the products on LumaLou, share them with your friends. Each order will have a 20% Ambassador payout, which is the amount LumaLou will pay you, for every order that each of your friends buy.

For example, LumaLou has a necklace for $19.99 (regular $49.99). You see this offer,  you like it, you buy it, you love it. Well, wouldn't you tell your friends about it? Sure you would!

By becoming a LumaLou Ambassador through our Registration process, you can recommend great LumaLou deals to your friends, and get paid every time they buy! To get your unique Ambassador link you first need to Register. It's free and takes less than two minutes. After you Register, you need to grab “Your link" - click "Copy" then paste it into an email, a blog, a website, your facebook, or twitter account, or where ever else you like. Every time someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase, you get paid.

Going back to the example of the Necklace. Whenever one of your friends buys a Necklace you would get paid about $4! By being a good friend and telling everyone about this deal, you get paid! So, if 100 of your friends buy a LumaLou product in one day, you'll make $400! We post 5 to 10 new great deals every week, that's 40 new products a month. Imagine making that kind of money 40 times a month? Well, you get the idea.

To promote an individual product to your friends you need to get the website address for that product. It is pretty simple, you find the product you like on Lumalou.com and then take everything after the .com as shown in the image below. 


You then copy that into your Ambassador account by clicking the link that says Create link to a specific page See image below

Once you are in there you enter the address you got from the product you liked and enter it in here after the .com and you are all set to go. Just copy that link and post it anywhere you like. So when your friends buys this product you will earn money.  


You don't have to buy anything in order to recommend it and get paid for the recommendation, but we ask that you only recommend the products that you truly like. Your friends will appreciate it, and so will your wallet. This is a win-win situation.

Once you're logged in to your LumaLou Ambassador account, you can connect with Facebook and with one click, share the offer on your news feed. You can also share it on Twitter. Or you can use the link that we provide you with, and send it out via email, or post it on your blog or website. Our cool technology allows us to track the people that buy the deals and credit you for the sale. You will also be able to go to your own Ambassador section, and view how many of your friends clicked on your link, how much money they spent, and how much you earned. Once you have earned at least $20 we will send you a check or money through Paypal. If you don't earn $20 in one month, don't worry, your earnings are carried forward until you earn at least $20. Once your earnings reach at least $20 we will send your money. We send out the money on the 15th of every month,  and Yes… we send you real Dollars, not LumaLou Dollars, and not Monopoly Dollars!

Also, please make sure that your first and last name is correct, since that is who the check will be made out to. It's that simple. Please note: If an order that you have earned an Ambassador commission on is refunded for any reason at all, the Ambassador Commission amount that was earned from that voucher will be deducted from your earnings. If in order to earn Ambassador Commissions, you are involved in any activities that LumaLou feels are unfair, fraudulent, or deceiving, you will not be paid your Ambassador commission, and your Ambassador account will be permanently deactivated. If you have any questions, please email us at info@LumaLou.com or you can Register now and start  making money today