SAFER: Jewelry designed with your safety in mind

SAFER jewelry


When 5 young engineering students were deeply touched by the impressionably high statistics of sexual assaults on women in their country, India, they decided to put their minds to work and come up with a solution. They worked on bringing technology to the task to fulfill the need of securing the lives of women.

In February 2015 they established their startup Leaf Wearables by raising funds with the idea that their product should be as perfect as a leaf: self sustainable, complex on the inside but simplicity on the outside. Their proposed solution is the SAFER line of jewelry. SAFER jewelry offers the wearer the ability to send an alert to their selected guardians when they feel unsafe by pressing twice on their jewelry piece. SAFER jewelry also allows the elected guardians to monitor the wearer’s location while traveling, it will beep to notifications on your smartphone and can even set off your phone’s camera shutter when you need to take a quick selfie.

To top it off, the SAFER line of jewelry has beautiful and elegant designs you’ll love to wear. The jewelry line currently includes necklaces, bracelets and leather cuffs and Leaf Wearables does ship to the United States and Canada.

SAFER Leather Cuff