7 Quick tips on taking care of your jewelry

You’ve scoured the shops for pieces of jewelry you now hold dear now you want to keep them in their flawless state. Here are some quick tips on how to take care of your jewelry:

1. Make sure you remove your jewelry before cleaning, playing sports or any manual labor that could compromise it.

2. Jewelry should be the first thing you take off at the end of the day and the last thing you put on.

3. Do not spray perfume on your jewelry.

4. Don’t wear jewelry while swimming.

5. Use jewelry polishing cloths to maintain your jewelry looking shiny.

Polishing Cloth

6. When cleaning your jewelry use warm water and a jewelry cleaner which can be purchased online or at most jewelry stores.

7. Store your jewelry neatly so they won’t get tangled. Preferably in a container where parts won’t move around.