Essential jewelry pieces every woman should have

 As enticing as having a full jewelry box piled with necklaces, rings, bracelets and mismatched earrings of all colors, shapes and sizes sounds, it is not realistic and difficult to manage. A far better and manageable idea is to curate a small collection of multifaceted multitasking pieces. Here is our list of what we consider are essential jewelry pieces every woman should have:


  1. A delicate necklace. Think of a delicate piece that accomplishes in its simplicity beauty. It should be a necklace that can easily be stacked, look great when worn with a t-shirt or a cocktail dress.


Lariat Pendant


  1. A Cuff Bracelet. Think of an eye catching piece that can also transition from day-wear to night wear.

Owl Jewelry Bangle


Elsa Owl Cuff


  1. Statement Earrings. These should be earrings that can complete a look without requiring any other accessories to complement it. Big but always proportionate to you taking into consideration length compared to were they sit on your neck. Play with textures and colors, have fun!

Statement Earrings


  1. Statement necklace. Statement necklaces are all the rage now and they come in all sizes, shapes and colors. Think of this piece as a no brainer when you need to play up daywear in an millisecond.



  1. A pair of thin hoop earrings. Hoop earrings are always elegant and work magic in pulling a clean cut look together.


Hoop Earrings Swarovski


Love Hoop Crystal Earrings



  1. Simple studs. You may need two to three pairs of these: silver or white gold, yellow gold and crystal or diamond studs. Studs are the cherry on top of any outfit.

 Stud Earrings

Fortune Studs

 Stud Heart Earrings

Coquette Heart Studs


  1. The boyfriend watch. A men’s wear inspired “boyfriend” watch will give off a sleek and savvy look people around you will nod to. Wear it to work and don’t be afraid to stack it during play time.

 Pavel Bevel Watch

Crystal Paved Bezel Watch


  1. A cocktail ring. Wear it alone or stack smaller rings around it.

 BOHO Jewelry

Terra Ring


  1. A turquoise necklace. Turquoise necklaces achieve ethnic looks effortlessly hence why you should have one at all times in your jewelry collection.


Lily Necklace