March 20, 2016

SAFER: Jewelry designed with your safety in mind

SAFER jewelry


When 5 young engineering students were deeply touched by the impressionably high statistics of sexual assaults on women in their country, India, they decided to put their minds to work and come up with a solution. They worked on bringing technology to the task to fulfill the need of securing the lives of women.

In February 2015 they established their startup Leaf Wearables by raising funds with the idea that their product should be as perfect as a leaf: self sustainable, complex on the inside but simplicity on the outside. Their proposed solution is the SAFER line of jewelry. SAFER jewelry offers the wearer the ability to send an alert to their selected guardians when they feel unsafe by pressing twice on their jewelry piece. SAFER jewelry also allows the elected guardians to monitor the wearer’s location while traveling, it will beep to notifications on your smartphone and can even set off your phone’s camera shutter when you need to take a quick selfie.

To top it off, the SAFER line of jewelry has beautiful and elegant designs you’ll love to wear. The jewelry line currently includes necklaces, bracelets and leather cuffs and Leaf Wearables does ship to the United States and Canada.

SAFER Leather Cuff

March 20, 2016

7 Quick tips on taking care of your jewelry

You’ve scoured the shops for pieces of jewelry you now hold dear now you want to keep them in their flawless state. Here are some quick tips on how to take care of your jewelry:

1. Make sure you remove your jewelry before cleaning, playing sports or any manual labor that could compromise it.

2. Jewelry should be the first thing you take off at the end of the day and the last thing you put on.

3. Do not spray perfume on your jewelry.

4. Don’t wear jewelry while swimming.

5. Use jewelry polishing cloths to maintain your jewelry looking shiny.

Polishing Cloth

6. When cleaning your jewelry use warm water and a jewelry cleaner which can be purchased online or at most jewelry stores.

7. Store your jewelry neatly so they won’t get tangled. Preferably in a container where parts won’t move around.

      February 25, 2016

      Essential jewelry pieces every woman should have

       As enticing as having a full jewelry box piled with necklaces, rings, bracelets and mismatched earrings of all colors, shapes and sizes sounds, it is not realistic and difficult to manage. A far better and manageable idea is to curate a small collection of multifaceted multitasking pieces. Here is our list of what we consider are essential jewelry pieces every woman should have:


      1. A delicate necklace. Think of a delicate piece that accomplishes in its simplicity beauty. It should be a necklace that can easily be stacked, look great when worn with a t-shirt or a cocktail dress.


      Lariat Pendant


      1. A Cuff Bracelet. Think of an eye catching piece that can also transition from day-wear to night wear.

      Owl Jewelry Bangle


      Elsa Owl Cuff


      1. Statement Earrings. These should be earrings that can complete a look without requiring any other accessories to complement it. Big but always proportionate to you taking into consideration length compared to were they sit on your neck. Play with textures and colors, have fun!

      Statement Earrings


      1. Statement necklace. Statement necklaces are all the rage now and they come in all sizes, shapes and colors. Think of this piece as a no brainer when you need to play up daywear in an millisecond.



      1. A pair of thin hoop earrings. Hoop earrings are always elegant and work magic in pulling a clean cut look together.


      Hoop Earrings Swarovski


      Love Hoop Crystal Earrings



      1. Simple studs. You may need two to three pairs of these: silver or white gold, yellow gold and crystal or diamond studs. Studs are the cherry on top of any outfit.

       Stud Earrings

      Fortune Studs

       Stud Heart Earrings

      Coquette Heart Studs


      1. The boyfriend watch. A men’s wear inspired “boyfriend” watch will give off a sleek and savvy look people around you will nod to. Wear it to work and don’t be afraid to stack it during play time.

       Pavel Bevel Watch

      Crystal Paved Bezel Watch


      1. A cocktail ring. Wear it alone or stack smaller rings around it.

       BOHO Jewelry

      Terra Ring


      1. A turquoise necklace. Turquoise necklaces achieve ethnic looks effortlessly hence why you should have one at all times in your jewelry collection.


      Lily Necklace

      February 18, 2016

      The Henri Bendel Spring 2016 Jewelry Collection


       Henri Bendel Jewerlry

      More than 120 years under the belt and Henri Bendel still delivers for the modern woman. Don’t be surprised to see the legendary brown and white striped shopping bags pass you by this spring. The Henri Bendel Spring 2016 Collection is a mix of stackable rings, pearls, rose gold and tiered necklaces reminiscent of rosaries. With a price range between $48.00 and $248.00 they’ve been priced to sell and attainable to the dedicated fashionista.


      Rose gold pearls are used tastefully in beautiful studs, rings such as the Socialite Stack Ring and also in a long 72” strand dubbed the Debutante Pearl Necklace. Other necklaces in the collection follow a tiered pattern and use gorgeous cubic zirconia crystals in clear and rose gold shades. The collection has also detailed in cute little flowers here and there in more casual bangles in shades of rose pink. It also includes the ever so popular multi-level harness cuffs which has been caught on the red carpet worn by the beautiful Victoria Justice.


      Henri Bendel proves to be the ‘modern girl’s playground’ and a great place to seek ‘the best of the new and the next’.

      Henri Bendel Rings

      Henri Bendel Necklace

      2016 Fashion Jewelry

      Costume Jewelry



      February 11, 2016

      The Kris Jenner Signature Collection of jewelry debuts, are you ready?


      The Kris Jenner Signature Collection of jewelry debuts, are you ready?

      Celebrity everythingologist and self titled ‘momager’ of the Kardashian and Jenner clan, Kris Jenner, is stepping out with her own personal endeavor and dipping her spoon into the jewelry market feast. Starting with a “taster” piece and first and only in the collection so far, a gorgeous multi-tone Majorca pearl necklace in shades of “gray, Tahitian Black, white, champagne, and oro”. Her adoring fans are one step closer to embodying the diva with this stunning piece which is also a multi-tasker, it can be doubled up for a layered look or wrapped around your wrist to make a beautiful multi tiered pearl bracelet. For the lucky gals to purchase the limited edition necklaces, Jenner offers a matching pair of Majorca pearl earrings with “a retail value of $55.00”. The necklace itself currently retails at $149.99 and is being offered online through the Debut Networks’ website.

      We can’t wait to see what else comes to fruition from the Kris Jenner Signature Collection, based on the stylish kids she’s raised and her own fashionable sense it’s looking promising.



      May 06, 2015

      What Is the Difference Between Costume & Fine Jewelry?

      Fine and costume jewelry are different in several ways.


      Jewelry comes in two types: cosmetic and fine. Both types of jewelry can be incredibly fashionable, however, each type is different. In order for a piece to be labeled fine, it has to be made with certain materials. All other jewelry is known as cosmetic -- or fashion -- jewelry. While both are coveted by jewelry collectors and fashionistas alike, it's good to know the difference before you buy.


      The Difference

      Fine jewelry includes anything that’s made with gold, platinum and gemstones. Gold has to have at least 10 karats to be considered fine jewelry. Gemstones must be naturally made. Fine jewelry typically has a longer life span than costume jewelry and is often passed from generation to generation and is considered more of an investment than costume jewelry. Because fine jewelry is made of coveted metals and gemstones, it's generally more expensive than costume pieces.


      Costume jewelry first became available in the 1930s however it didn’t become thought of as fashionable until the mid-1980s. Costume jewelry is any jewelry that is not made of fine materials. Fine jewelry must be made of gold, platinum and/or gemstones to be considered such. If jewelry has real gold or platinum but contains manufactured gemstones, it’s still considered costume.


      Due to modern techniques, some costume jewelry pieces look surprisingly real and oftentimes, costume jewelers will copy designs of fine jewelry. Costume jewelry sometimes will use plating, filling, dipping or rolling to create a more precious look, generally using brass as a base before coating with gold or platinum.

      Statement Jewelry

      Modern costume jewelry is often very trendy – think statement necklaces. These necklaces are so big and over-the-top, buying ones that contain all fine materials would cost extraordinary amounts of money. Because technology has advanced, necklaces made of costume jewelry can look truly authentic. There are several designer labels that sell costume jewelry. Depending on the popularity of the label, prices can go up. Many well-known designer labels produce highly sought after costume jewelry, including Chanel, Alexis Bittar, and Lulu Frost. Statement jewelry pieces have been made with fine materials as well, however, because they're made of fine metals and gems, these pieces come with a high price tag that very few are able to afford.

      Lab-Produced Gems

      Some stones are manufactured. These stones include glass moissanite, plastic, briolite, cubic zirconium, rhinestone, quartz, diamonique and strontium titanate. Some diamonds are manufactured in labs. These stones are not considered to be fine jewels, though they can look very similar to their naturally produced counterparts. Lab-produced diamonds, for instance, have the same chemical makeup as real diamonds and can be hard to differentiate. However, lab-produced diamonds must be labeled so when they’re sold the buyer knows the difference.